The surname Corley when found in Ireland is of family origin. Surnames also designated as family names, or alternatively a last name were added to the given, or baptismal name. This name was in any cases inherited and held collectively by members of a family group. Initially surnames identified one by connection to a family member foremost being the father, eg. John (son) Jack (son) etc. In this case the name Corley derived from the Gaelic Irish name MacThoirdealbhaigh. The initial C being the last letter of the prefix Mac which means "son of" while Thoirdealbhaigh is from the personal Toirdhealbhach which is composed of the elements "Tor" which means "Thor" and "dealbhach" which means like, in the shape of. Simply the name means "the son of Turlough", hence the use in some places of Terence and Terry as alternative anglicized forms. Terry is a surname in Munster today. Our investigations of the surname Corley or a variant show that there are severial that are entries of the name in the Roscommon Hearth Money Rolls in 1664. Hearth Money Rolls were a tax of two shillings on every hearth or fireplaces in a dwelling. In the year 1663 a list was compiled of all households liable to pay this tax, together with the number of fireplaces in their dwelling and their obligations to the crown. The connexion of Corley with Roscommon is emphasized by the place names Ballymacurley and Curley's Island both in that county. BLAZON OF ARMS: Vert, on a chevron or, three cinquefoil pierced gules. Translation: Vert is the colour green which represents faith, hope, and gladness. CREST: On a mural coronet or, a dragon's head erased vert, ducally gorged and lined of the first, issuing from the mouth flames of fire proper. Translation: The tincture Or depicts gold or yellow and indicates the bearer was generous, alternatively it indicates elevation of the mind. ORIGIN: IRELAND

CORLEY, English Variant

Habitation name from a place in Warwicks., recorded in Domesday Book as Cornelie, apparently from OE corna, a metethesized form of crona, gen. pl. of cron, cran Crane + leah wood, clearing.

Posted here is most of the information I have found on the Corleys of America. It is not complete and has lot of holes. Maybe it will help fill some of yours and you can help fill some of these. I've given credit to those who have shared their information with me that is posted here. If you have correction or addictions please pass them to us VIA Message Board.



1. RICHARD1 CORLEY was born Bef 1655, and died Abt 1708 in Hanover County, VA Richard Corley is the earliest Corley of record in North America. County is near Richmond, up the James River from Jamestown and Williamsburg. The first ship reached Jamestown from England in 1607, not too long before Richard was born. I don't know where Richard was born, but if he wasn't born in England, his parents probably were. As Virginia got too crowded, and more land opened up to the south, descendants of Richard Corley migrated to the Edgefield County area of South Carolina and from there to Georgia, Alabama and other states. (From email note of Vivian Price Saffold dated October 16, 1996) Children of Richard Corley are: 2. i. RICHARD2 CORLEY, b. Abt 1673. ii. JOHN CORLEY, b. Abt 1675, Hanover County, VA; d. Abt 1723, Hanover Co., VA. GENERATION No. 2 2. RICHARD2 CORLEY (RICHARD1) was born Abt 16731. He married AUSTIN ?. Children of Richard Corley and Austin ? are: i. RICHARD3 CORLEY. ii. REBECCA CORLEY. 3. iii. JOHN CORLEY, b. Abt 1700, Hanover County, Virginia; d. January 1742/43, Orange County, Virginia. iv. JAMES CORLEY, b. Abt 1700. GENERATION No. 3 3. JOHN3 CORLEY (RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born Abt 1700 in Hanover County, Virginia, and died January 1742/43 in Orange County, Virginia. Children of John Corley are: 4. i. ROBERT4 CORLEY, b. Virginia. ii. JOHN CORLEY, b. Orange County, Virginia; d. Edgefield County, S.C.. 5. iii. VALENTINE CORLEY, b. Abt 1720, Virginia; d. January 16, 1803, Cumberland County, Virginia This was taken from the Home Page if cousin Jim Corley. It is listed on the linkes section, page one. It is a great site, a must see page.

A few years ago a cousin shared some information with me that has greatly help me. Mrs. GeLee Corley Hendrix is a Certified Genealogist and a "Fellow", American Society Of Genealogists. She is an Author and lecturer. She is a Contributing Editor to the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. GeLee graduated from Auburn University of Auburn, Alabama with a BS degree from the College of Pharmacy

Information from: GeLee Corley Hendrix CG, F.A.S.G. 3 Acorn CL, Greenville, South Carolina 29609-3111, Husban: John? Corley b. ABT 1700, Hanover Co. VA d. 1743, Orange Co. VA Father: Richard Corley, Jr. Wife: [?], living in 1743 Orange Co. VA CHILDREN 1 Name: Robert? Corley b. Bef 1730, VA d. [?], NC/SC Spouse: Sarah? Petty 2. Name: John Corley b. Abt 1736, Hanover Co. VA m. Abt 1751, Granville Co. NC d. Bef May 1805, aft July 1802, Edgefield Co. SC Spouses: [1st ] [2nd], Mary [4th] 3. Name: Valentine Corley b. Bef 1730 d. Bef 24 January 1803, "w" 10 Nov 1801 Cumberland Co. VA Spouse: Sarah [-?-] Husban: Robert? Corley b. Bef 1730, VA m. Abt 1751 d. Unknown, NC/SC Father: John? Corley Mother: unknown Wife: Sarah? Petty Father: ?John Petty Mother: ?Rebecca Sims Children 1. Name: Catlett Corley b. 1752, Orange Co. NC m. ABT 1774, Edgefiled Co. SC d. Bef 5 July 1831, "w" 12 Sep 1827, Edgefield Co. SC Spouses: [1st] [-?--], [2nd] [-?-], Susannah [3rd] 2. Name: Zecheus Corley b. 1762, Chatham Co. NC m. 1803 Edgefie1d Co. SC d. 1849, Bibb Co. AL Spouses: ?Sarah Samford, Elizabeth Burnett 3. Name: Valentine Austin Corley b. 1770, Chatham Co. NC d. January 1860, Meriwether Co. GA Spouse: Sarah? Allen 4. Name: John? Corley, Lt. b. Bef 1760 d. Aft December 1826, Edgefield CO. SC 5. Name: Joseph? Corley b. Bef 1760 d. Aft 1840, Abbyville Co. SC 6. Name: William Corley b. Bef 1760, Chatham Co. NC; "Hatter" m. Bef 1775, Note l810 in Putman Co. GA; to MS Territory Husband: John Corley b. ABT 1736, Hanover CO. VA m. ABT 1751, Granville Co. NC d. Bef May 1805, Aft Jul 1802, Edgefield Co. SC Father: John? Corley Mother: Unnnown 2nd Wife: [?] d. Bef 1780, Edgefield Co. SC CHILDREN 1. Name: Catlet Corley ABT 1752, Gianvilie Co. NC m. Bef 1782 d. ABT August 1808, Edgefield Co.SC Est35-1315 Will 27 Nov 1807 Spouses: [-?-] [-?-], Elizabeth [-?-] 2. Name: John Corley b. Abt 1753, Granville Co. NC Note: living in 1805~O6, Edgefield Co. SC 3. Name: Richard Corley b. 1754, Granville Co. NC m. 1783, Abbyville Co. SC Bx 40~885 d. Aft 1842, in Edgefield Co. SC 1832, trad. Sd to be 90 yrs Spouses: 1st [-?-], 2nd Letita Travis, 3rd [-?-], 4th [-?-] 4. Name: Sherwood Corley b. 1756, Granville Co. NC m. [Common Law] d. Bef March 1805, Alt Feb 1805 Spouses: 1st Pheba Bush & 2nd Elizabeth Ham 5. Name: Abner Corley b. 10 April 1758, Bute Co. NC m. ABT 1783 d. 25 July 1844, Greenville Co. SC RWP buried at Watson Cemetery Ridge Spring SC. Spouse: Patience Perry d/o Plooy(?) Perry. (Believed to be, Jacob Perry of Craven & Province of South Carolina whos will dates 5 Oct. 1780) buried at Watson Cemetery Ridge Spring SC. Some children of Abner Corley (not nessary in this order.) John Corley RWP Sherwood Corley RWP Frances Corley m. ? Rogers Sarah Ann Corley m. ? Devore Simeon Corley Abner Corley, II Willis Corley Ann Corley b 1758 N.C. d 1844 Edgefield Co. S.C m. (?)Arthur Watson b 1746 d 1806 Edgefield County. S.C. 6. Name: Delilah Corley b. ABT 1760 Spouse: Benjamin O'Banion 7. Name: Nathaniel Corley d. 1781, Rev. War, Edgefield Co. SC Husband: Catlett Corley b. 1752, Orange Co. NC m. ABT 1774, Edgefield Co. SC d. Bef 5 July 1831, in "w" 12 Sep. 1827, Edgefield Father: Robert? Corley Mother: Sarah? Petty 1st Wife: [?] d. Bef 1790 in: Edgefield Co. SC CHILDREN: 1. Name: Elizabeth Corley b. 1775, Edgefield Co. SC Spouse: Jeremiah Cobb 2. Name: Signor Corley b. Bef 1784, Edgefield Co. SC d. Bef Apiil 1823, Maury Co. TN Spouse: Martha "Patsy" [-?-] 3. Name: Davenport Corley b. Bef 1784, Edgefield Co. SC m. Bef 1827, [prob] Edgefield Co. SC d. Bef 1850, Coweta Co. GA Spouse: Elizabeth (-4-] Husband: Catlett Corley b. 1752 m. Aft 1790, Edgefield Co. SC 2nd Wife: [?] d. Bef 1802 CHILDREN l. Name: Tubel C. Corley b. 1791, Edgefield Co. SC m. 2O October l82l, Putman Co. GA d. Aft 1870 in: [prob] Newton Co. GA Spouse: Nancy Griffin 2. Name: Nancy Corley b. Abt 1793, m. Bef 1817, Edgefield Co. SC d. Bef 12 September 1827 Spouse: [-?-] Davis 3. Name: Sarah Corley b. 1795, Edgefield Co. SC m. Bef 1832 Edgefield Co. SC d. Aft 1850, [prob] Edgefield Co. SC Spouse: [-?-] Shannon 4. Name: Robert Corley b. 1797, Edgefield Co. SC m. 11 Oct 1817, Putman Co. GA? d. Bef 12 September 1827, [prob] Putman Co. GA Spouse: Charity? Argo 5. Name: Chaney Corley b. 1799, Edgefield Co. SC; pr 1823 Jasper Co GA; 1826 to Monroe m. Bef 1822, GA d. 1859, Monroe Co. GA Spouse: Elizabeth [-?-] 6. Name: Adkin Corley b. 1800, Edgefield Co. SC m. ABT 1825, Edgefield Co. SC d. ABT 1857, Edgefield Co. SC Spouse: Elizabeth [--?--] Husband: Catlett Corley b. 1752 m. Aft 1802, Edgefield Co. SC 3rd Wife: Susannah b. ABT 1775, SC d. Bef 1850, Edgefield Co. SC CHILDREN 1. Name: Rachel Corley b. Aft 1804 2. Name: Mary Louise Corley b. Aft 1804 m. 9 March l83l d. 2 August 1887, Parksville SC Spouse: Jesse Moses? Stone 3. Name: Zachariah Corley b. Aft 1804 4. Name: Luke Petty Corley b. 1814, named for Luke Petty, bro. of Sarah Petty Corley Note: 1850 living with sister Sarah Shannon Edgefield Co. SC 5. Name: Thomas H. N. Corley Born: 1816 m. Bef 1837 Spouse: Lucy Picket 6. Name: John Samuel Corley b. 1817 7. Name: William "Willy" Washingion Corley b. 1823 Husband: Richaid Corley, Granville Co. NC b. 1754 m. Bef 1783 d. Aft 1842, in Edgefiled Co. SC in 1832, trad, sd to be 90 yrs. Father: John Corley Mother-. [~?-] [~?-] 1st WIFE: [?] d. Bef 1783, in Edgefiled Co. SC CHILDREN 1. Name:Adkin Corley b. Bef 1782, Edgefield Co. SC m. Bef 1806, Edgefield Co. SC DBk 17:380 dower d. ABT l4 Deccmbcr l8l9, Abbyville Co. SC Bx17-365 Spouse: Charlotte [?] Hwband: Richard Corley b. 1754 m. 1783 Abbyville Co. SC Bx 40-885 2nd Wife: Letita Travis Children 1. Name: Michael Corley b. Abt 1784 m. Aft 28 August 1806, Edgefield Co. SC, J. McCreless Est42-1718 d. 18 December 1820, Edgefield Co. SC Est. 7-226 Spouse: Leodicia McCreless 2. Name: Martha Corley F. Spouse: Esau Brooks Husband: Richard Corley b. 1754 m. Bef 1800 3rd Wife [?] CHILDREN 1. Name: Christian Corley F 2. Name: Mary Corley F 3. Name: Lila Corley F 4. Name: Edward Corley M 5. Name: Jacob Corley M 6. Name: Ruth Corley F 7. Name: infant Corley ? in: infant Husband: Richard Corley b. 1754 m. Aft 1810 4th Wife: [?] CHILDREN 1. Name: Matilda Corley F 2. Name: Margaret Corley F 3. Name: Richard Corley, Jr. M 4. Name: Milly Corley F 5. Name: child Corley ? 6. Name: child Corley ? Husband: William Corley b. 1760, Chatham Co. NC; "Hatter" m. Bef 1775 d.? {in 1810 to Putman Co GA; to MS Territory} Father: Robert? Corley Mother: Sarah? Petty Wife [?] CHILDREN 1. Name: Valentin Corley b. ABT 1778 m. 30 May 1815, Putman CO. GA Spouse: Rhoda Vest 2. Name: Curtis? Corley M. on 1813 Putman Co. Tax list 3. Name: Benjamin? Corley M. on 1813 Putman Co. GA. Tax list 4. Name: Beniman? Corley M. in 1816 in Wayne Co. MS 5. Name: Purtiman Corley M. in I8l6 in Wayne Co. MS 6. Name: Nathan Corley M. in l8l6 in Wayne Co. MS Husband: Zacheus Corley b. 1762, Chatham Co. NC m. Bef 1788, Edgefield Co. SC 1st Wife: ?Sarah Samford d. Bef 1800, EdgefieId Co. SC Father: Keen Samford CHILDREN 1. Name: Jesse Corley b. 1788, Edgefield Co. SC Spouses: 1st unknown. 2nd Juriah Terry 2. Name: dau Corley b. Bef 1790 3. Name: dau Corley b. Bef 1800 4 Namc: dau Corley b. Bef 1800 5 Name: Rebecca Corley b. April 1793, Edgefield Co. SC m. Bef 1815, Edgefield Co. SC d: 26 April 1842, Bibb Co. AL Spouse: James Smelly 6. Name: Rachel Corley b. 1795, Edgefield Co. SC Spouse: Allen Smelly 7. Name: Charles Corley b. 1795, Edgefield Co. SC m. Bef 1830 Note: in Sabine Parish, LA Spouse: Nancy Gentry Husband: Zacheus Corley b. 1762, Chatham Co. NC m. 1803, Edgefield Co. SC 2nd Wife: Elizabeth Burnett b: 1785, Edgefield Co. SC d: 1 November 1853, Bibb Co. AL Father: Pleasant Burnett Mother: Anna Gentry CHILDREN 1. Name: Valentine Corley b. l9 Januaiy l8O5,Edgefield. SC m. 1 Fcbniary l837, Bibb Co. AL~MarBkD:65 d. March 1850, Bibb Co. AL Spouse: Mary Snead 2. Name: Clinton Corley b. 2 December 1807, Edgefield Co. SC m. 7 November 1833, Bibb Co. AL~ Mar Bk C:251 d. 4 April 1878, Bibb Co. AL~Anlioch Bap Ch Cem. Spouse: Martha Frances Ferguson 3. Name: Wiley Corley b. 1l October, Edgefield Co. SC m. 17 October 1837, Bibb Co AL~ Mar Bk D:25 d. l6 March l864, Sabine Parish, LA Spouse: Mary Ann Leach 4. Name: Zacchaeus Corley b. lO March 1817, Edgefield Co. SC m. 9 February 1843, Bibb Co. AL d. 15 November 1888, Sabine Parish, LA Spouse: Nancy C. Leach 5. Name: Pleasant Larkin Corley b. 1821, Edgefield Co. SC m. 17 October 1837, Bibb Co. AL~Mar Bk D:25 d. 6 October 1861, Sabine Parish, LA, Mt. Carmel Cem.. Spouse: Eliza Jane Fitts

Genealogist Jerry A. and Virginia Corley Lloyd P.O. Box 758 Forsyth, Ga. 31029-0758, were a great help in my early researching. Virginia is a well renown Genealogist in and around these parts. Here I share with you what she has shared with me.


Catlett Corley came from Virginia with several brothers around 1770 tb settle in 96 district of Edgefield County, South Carolina. They fought in the Revolution, bought land and still have descendants in Edgefield. Our ancestor - Catlett has three (3) wives and sixteen (16) children - all named in his will when he died in 1831. This will is in Edgefield County, S.C. Courthouse. Catlett's son Chaney is our line. Chaney and most of his siblings came to Georgia in the early 1800's. They came to Coweta County, Putnam County, Newton County, and Monroe County. At least one, Signor went to Tennessee, Adkin went to Texas. You will find "cousins" in all these counties - to this day. If you find descendants of any of the following you can call them "cousin". (1) Elizabeth Corley Cobb - Born Ca 1777 - Died 1859 (Miss.) (2) Signor Corley - Born Ca 1776-1784 (Dec'd by 1827) (3) Davenport Corley - Born Ca 1774-1784 (4) Tubel C. Corley - Born Ca 1790 (5) Nancy Corley Davis - Born Ca 1792-1794 (6) Sarah Corely Shannon - Born Ca 1795 (7) Robert Corley - Born Ca 1790-1800 (Dec'd by 1827) (8) Chaney Corley - (Our Ancester line) - Born Ca 1799-1800 (9) Adkin Corley - Born Ca 1800 (Texas - see IDA West Sowers) (10) Rachel Corley - Born Ca 1804-1810 (11) Mary Louise Corley Stone - Born Ca 1804-1810 (12) Zachariah Corley - Born Ca 1804-1810 (13) Luke Petty Corley - Born Ca 1814 (14) Thomas H. N~ Corley - Born Ca 1816 (15) John Samuel Corley - Born Ca 1817 (16) William Washington Corley - Born Ca 1823


Catlett's son Chaney was the father of our Robert Marion Corley (born 1822 - died 1912) in Monroe County, Georgia. Married Nancy Caroline Morris (born 1827 - died 1900). NOTE: In my notes you will notice 5 "cousins" I am writing To get more information: (1) Ken McCracken, (2) Gee Lee Corley Hendrix, (3) Ida West Sowers, (4) Alvin Corley, and (5) Katherine Harrell Cantrell. Chaney (Son of Catlett) was born in Edgefield County, South Carolina, Ca 1790. He married Elizabeth and came to Georgia. Elizabeth was from Virginia. Chaney owned hundreds of acres Around the Towaliga River and High Falls, Monroe County, Georgia. Chaney died in 1859. (Elizabeth before 1859) they are buried in Lamar County (Monroe County when they died) (map shows location). CHILDREN (1) Robert Marion (1822 - 1912) (My line - have complete record) (2) Mary Elizabeth - Married Joseph R. Harrell Went to Stockbridge (Henry Co.) 1860 had 10 children - Died Henry County. (3) Augustus (Ca 1827) (4) Adkin (Ca 1830) (5) Angeline (Ca 1832) (6) W. George - Married Ella English (7) Martha (Ca 1835) Henry County 1860 (8) Cordelia A. (Ca 1838) Henry Co. 1860 (9) Joseph C. (1840) Died in Savannah in Civil War. (Have service record)


Robert Marion Corley Nancy Caroline (Morris) Corley July 7, 1822 - March 8, 1912 Dec. 14, 1827 - Oct. 10, 1900 Rocky Creek Baptist Church, Monroe County, Georgia Robert Corley was a farmer. He enlisted in the army on August 6, 1863, and was a Civil War Private with Company C, 4th. Georgia Battalion. He was a Sharpshooter volunteer with Tylers Brigade and was honorably discharged on April 26, 1865. CHILDREN Mary Georgie (Corley) Goen: Oct. 18, 1850 - July 11, 1921 James Chaney Corley: June 7, 1852 - May 24, 1939 Luella C. (Corley) Parker: May 31, 1854 - June 5, 1922 Elizabeth H. (Corley) Thornton: Dec. 20, 1856 - 1911 H. Wilton Corley (a dwarf): March 12, 1859 - Dec. 18, 1908 Jessie A. Corley: October 9, 1862 - Dec,. 12, 1945 Howard Anderson Corley: June 3, 1866 - Dec. 5, 1930 Charles S. Corley July 30, 1868 - Feb. 1, 1959 BURIED Luella married Joseph C. Parker (1850-1936) Pleasant Hill, Lamar County James Chaney - Margaret Webb Corley (daughter of Rebecca Proctor Webb and John Wilson Webb) Fairview Church, Monroe County Carry Corley Goens (Chaney's daughter) - Wiley T. Goens Pleasant Hill Church, Lamar County Wilton Corley, Jessie Corley & wife Rocky Creek Church, Monroe County Jessie & wife Emma not marked; buried at foot of Robert and Caroline at Rocky Creek, Monroe County GA. Jessie Corley (1862-1945) Emma Corley (1868-1933)


During, or shortly before, 1854, Zacchaeus Corley's first wife,Elizabeth, died and a division of her property was carried out. An authentic copy of this document from the Bibb County Court House is contained in this book. As the case today, more than a hundred years ago, some of the sons, three to be exact, with a little money in their pockets, saw greener pastures elsewhere. Texas was a young state then, having come into the Union in 1845. With all the heroic stories and fabulous tales about it, three of the sons, with their families, made Texas their goal. We do not know of the details of their leaving, but we do know that Wiley, Zacchaeus II, and P. Larkin Corley provided themselves with covered wagons and other necessities they thought they would need. Along with them came other families, Wiley Woolley and several Leach families, and likely others. The long trek across the country was, no doubt, more unpleasant than they anticipated, for the streams were swollen, fording was impossible, and bridges and ferries were scarce. The Sabine River was impossible, so they pitched camp to wait for the water to go down. Likely the wives and children were not disappointed for this cause in Sabine Parish, for it must have reminded them of their old home, for the terrain is much the same; rolling sand hills, pine trees and other vegetation, with streamlets trickling through the valleys. Some of the families planted quick maturing crops, some even planted corn. No doubt this was from necessity. Their food was running low. Whether they stayed to gather their crops, whether they stayed Because they liked the location, we shall never know, but they stayed. Some of them patented land. Wiley, the oldest of the three, having a Record in the Sabine Parish Court House of doing so in 1859. Wiley and Zacchaeus both married Leaches, but they were not sisters. Larkin. married Eliza Jane Fitts All three families had numerous children when they came. Some of the children remembered the trip throughout their lives. From these three Corleys have descended hundreds of what we call the Louisiana Corleys today. The larger per cent of them still living in Sabine Parish At the same time, numerous ones of them have migrated to other parishes, and even to other states. And, strangely enough, Texas has its full share of them. The following pages will be used to list what I shall call the descendants of he three "Covered Wagon Corleys". This from the book Corley, Corley, Corley by: Ida Lillian Corley