The origin of the Charles family has not been throughly researched, but the family in Up Country South Carolina appears to have descended from a German ancestor named Karls, Car!, or Carlee. This ancestor apparently emigrated from Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, around the 1730's or 40's and settled either in the Saxe-Gotha or Dutch Fork areas of South Carolina - modern Lexington and lower Newberry counties. The family name was anglicized to Charles and to Corley, with the first Charles who left much of a mark on the historical record being Michael Charles, Sr., of Newberry County. Michael was a revolutionary war veteran, having served as a footsoldier in Company B (Houseal's Company) of Waters Regiment of South Carolina militia for a period of at least 127 days in 1780-82. It is assumed that Michael Charles, Jr., was Michael Senior's son, as the junior was granted land by the senior in 1834. When Michael Junior died in 1837, he and his wife Christiana Koon were in possession of an apparently prosperous farm in the Dutch Fork. Michael Charles, Jr., had three sons, Anderson W. (12-13-1828 - 11-15-1903), David N. (2-3-1833 - 12-22-1908), and Franklin E. Charles, and two daughters, Harriet and Elizabeth.


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August 29, 1995 [research in 1980- Lawrence Corley of Lexington Co SC] The heirs of Lawrence Corley is clearly documented through valid court records cited in the paper. Some of his heirs are in Coweta County GA 1850 census. Lawrence Corley's direct heirs are listed on the paper enclosed.I devoted a lot of time to his research because of information given me that mixed him together with the Edgefield Co. Corleys. Documentation often eliminates and/or sorts families into the proper structure. The Lawrence Corley family is an alias surname well defined with documentation and they are of German descent I believe the Corley line I descend through is of English origin although ever old timer Corley descendant says Scot Irish because they were so integrated. LAWRENCE CORLEY of Lexington Co SC by Ge Lee Corley Hendrix, 3 Acorn Ct. Greenvil~ SC I. 29609 I am writing this Document to clarify what has been written unproven about LAWRENCE CORLEY of Lexington Co SC against what has legally been documented end in on deposit at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History in Columbia, SC. I understand how very hard it seems to a researcher, especially in other States to obtain documentation from counties who have had many records destroyed. Therefore, please accept the following information as unadulterated facts from four Equity Cases. If you doubt my abstracts copies. May be obtained from the SC Archives with the References I will give. Only the content of the four Equity Cases has been used to write the following family data: Barbara Corley petitioned for guardianship of minor children in Lexington Co SC Court of Equity #24 Filed 1820. The document dose not state who the father of these children is. The defendants were to appear at a Court of Equity to be held at Richland County Court House SC on June 15th next. From the Richland County Court House SC Court of Equity #14 it does state that Barber Corley is the late widow of Lawrence Corley and list eight of his children under the age of 21 years, giving the ages of six of these children. The document state further "Report No 1/1820 18 July 1820 Determine whether land should be divided, 1 parcel consist of 1 3/4th acre and the other 107 acres, valued at 25 cents per acre. Must be divided between 16 persons." Submitted by Thomas L. Williamson. Another document in the same Equity package states "Ent.d June 1823 #7 sold land to Jesse Arthur, but he did not comply with the terms, therefore to be resold at next second Monday in Lexington SC" Although Barbara Corley petitioned for guardianship of the minor children of Lawrence Corley, the guardianship was appointed to William Taylor husband of Rebecca Corley, daughter of Lawrence Corley, at the Richland County SC Court of Equity. Lawrence Corley married Anna, the widow of John Drafts of Lexington Co SC. She called herself Barbara after her marriage to. Lawrence Corley. Lawrence Corley died after 12 May l818 and before 29 May 1820 in Lexington Co SC. He had the following children John Corley; Barbara Corley who married a Thomas Rall; Elizabeth Corley who married a Samuel Wingard; Catherine Corley who married first a Michael Drafts who died in 1815 and she married second, Andrew Tarrar by 1818; Jacob Corley; Daniel Corley Emanuel Corley; Ephrium Corley; Nancy Corley; Rebecca Corley who married a William Taylor; Sally Corley born 1802; Elijah Corley born 1804; William Corley born 1806, Thomas Corley born 1808; Jermina Corley born 1810 and Mary Ann Corley born 1812, who married a Frank. Lexington Court House Court of Equity #17 and #27 contain information of the George Drafts children-and their heirs. Using the four above mentioned Equity Cases the following documented data was obtained: George Draft of Lexington Co SC died ca May 1786. His Letters of Testament were published 13 June 1786 in Orangeburg District. He left a widow named Sophia, who died 28 March 1814 in Lexington Co SC. Page. 2 His eldest son John Drafts and Sophia, his widow were Administrators of his estate. John Drafts died before him mother, Sophia, and she named as her Executors Gothbeb Glochle and Jacob Glochle The children of George Drafts and Sophia, hie wife and their heir are as follow: 1. John Drafts, who died after 1786 and before 8 March 1814. He married Anna and they had children: (a) Catherine Drafts, who married first. Jacob Boozer who died Nov. 1817. They had children: Lemuel Boozer; ?Thany or Many Boozer; Jacob Boozer and Elizabeth Boozer [who has since died unmarried by 1821]. Catherine Draft Boozer then married second a William Lee or See by 1821. (b) Jacob Draft. Anna, widow of John Draft has since married Lawrence Corley and is Called Barbara [1818] 2. Michael Drafts died 9~18l5. He married Catherine Corley, daughter of Lawrence Corley. They had the following living children in 1818: Reubin Drafts and John drafts Catherine Corley Drafts married second, Andrew Tarrar by 1818. 3. Samuel Drafts died without heir. 1 Oct 1817 leaving a widow, Mary. 4. Jacob Draft. 5. Daniel Draft. 6. George P. Drafts, who was not 21 years of age in 1786, died 9 March 1815 without heirs 7. Catherine Drafts, who Earned. Christopher Caughman [Christopher Caughman was the Administrator of John Drafts Estate, but has since died prior to 1818]. Catherine Drafts and Christopher Caughman had the following children: West Caughman; George Caughman; Nancy Caughhman who married John Meetze; Martin Caughman, under 2l in 1818; Henry Caughman under 21 in 1818; Sameul Caughman, under 21 in 1818. 8. Nancy Drafts. who married Jacob Kelly. PEFERENCES: [l] Lexington Co SC In Equity #17 Jacob Drafts et al vs Daniel Drafts Filed 12 May 1818. [2~ ibid In Equity #24 Barbara Corley et al vs William Taylor Filed 1820. [3] SC Archive., Rich1and Co SC, R. K. 11, Roll 165~- 257, 1820 - 1827. In Equity #14. Ex parte Barbara Corley petitions. to be appointed guardian. Filed 1820. [4] Lexington Co SC In Equity #27. Ex parte of the heir of Jacob Boozer Filed Feb 1821. [In recent years a clerk has written the heir of Jacob Boozer outside the package of Equity papers listing a Henry Boozer as a son. I could not find the name Henry Boozer anywhere in the documentation. I did, however, find the name Thany or Many Boozer listed in place of a Henry Boozer] gch. Microfilm for the above references 1, .2 & 4 may be purchased from Heritage Paper in Danielsville GA and using the call number of reference 3, the SC Archives will copy the microfilm of the Equity #14. Page 3 This additional information may be used as clues for persons searching the above families. Evaluation may be left to the individual as to substantiating conclusive proof of the following data: Lexington Co SC Federal Census l850 Page 247 Barbara Corley, 80 F SC Thomas Corley 19 or 14 M SC Christian 34 F Witenberg, Ger. Mary Frank 36 F SC John W. Frank 4 M SC Sarah Frank 2 F SC William Frank 3/l2 SC John Isenbert?? 24 M Witenberg, Ger. Page. 340. L. Boozer 41 M SC Catherine A Boozer 15 F SC Houston Boozer 12 M SC Balas Booger 10 M SC Josephine Boozer 8 F SC Antoine A Boozer 7 F SC Albert H Boozer 5 M SC Pauline L Boozer 4 F SC Mary Gibson 50 F SC Page 340. West Caughmam 62 M SC Elizabeth Caughman 58 P SC J. T. Caughman 3O M SC W. F. Ceughman 25 M SC A. C. Caughma 22 F SC E. C. Caughman l8 F SC P. H. Caughman 15 M SC Page 340 Nancy Kelly 62 F SC Mary Ferguson 32 F SC Susan Kelly 21 F SC Margaret Ferguson 11 F SC Augustus Ferguson 9 M SC Page 340 Dan Drafts Sen. 71 M SC Catherine Drats 37 F SC Elizabeth Drats 60 F SC Jacob Drats 27 M SC Albert L Hook 6 M SC Page 341 Ephraim Corley 52 M SC Debera Corley 54 F SC James Corley 2O M SC Eugenia Corley 20 F SC Page 342 Martin Caughman 52 M SC Kisiah Caughman 35 F SC Henry Caughman 16 M SC Catharine Caughman 14 F SC Martha Caughman 9 F SC Sarah Caughman 7 F SC Elan Caughman 4 F SC John Caughman 3 M SC James Caughman 1 M SC Page 344 John Meetes 64 M SC Nancy. Meetes 55 F SS Joseph Meetes 24 M SC John Meetes l6 M SC George Meetes 11 M SC Julian Baukuight 27 F SC Ann Bauknight 9 F SC Elizabeth Bauknight 7 F SC Catherine Bauknight 4 F SC Page 345 Isaiah Caughman 38 M SC Frances Caughman 40 F SC Henry J. W. C. Caughman 14 M SC Christopher C. Caughman l2 M SC Page 345 Catherine Tarer 68 F SC Elizabeth Tarer 22 F SC Page 345 Jacob Drafts 57 M SC Christina Drafts 59 F SC Louisa Caughman 26 F SC Page 382. Barbara Rall 77 F SC Carolina Satcher 36 F SC Mary Satcher lO F SC Henry Satcber 8 M SC Charlotte Setcher 6 F SC Samuel Satcher 2 M SC Page 397 Catherine See 60 F SC Carelina See 23 F SC Jeroam See 20 M SC Ervin See 18 M SC Ester Hendrix 26 F SC Page 4 Edgefield Co SC Federal Census 1850 Page 190 William Corley 44 M SC Martha Corley 48 F SC Henry or Harvey Corley 21 M SC Margaret Corley 18 F SC Minney Corley 14 F SC Debby Corley 12 F SC Elizabeth A4 Derrick 37 F SC George Derrick. 5 M SC Jacob Derrick 6 1/2 M SC Edgefield Probate Judges Vault, Edgefield, SC Apt. 168 Pkg. 6644 also Will Book E page 597 Estate of William Corley Will written 9 Dec 1861 Probated 27 April 1866 with Martha C Corley, Executrix - Witnessed by J. H. Satcher, H. M. Satcher, H. E. Vansant. To wife (soleme) 168 1/2 acres lying & being in Edgefield Diet SC on waters of Daly's Creek bounded by lands of Hillary Hardy, William Hardy, Martha Jennings & others, if she remains single, but if she marries then she shall' have l/2 of my whole estate both real and personal and the other half be divided equally between my nearest kin... Signed William Corley Edgefield County Court House, Clerk of Court Office Edgefield SC Deed Book DDD page 521 William Corley Morgages to Cabel Inabit for $152.08, 115 1/2 acres of land on both sides of Cloud Greek 20 Feb 1841. Wit. Tillman'Mathews, Bud C Mathews. Signed William Corley ibid Deed Book III page 648 Barbara Corley to Ephraim Corley both of Lexington Dist SC for natural love & affection which I bear unto my son William Corley of Edgefield Diet SC and his children and in consideration of one dollar paid to me by Ephraim Corley of Lexington sell & release all that plantation containing 181 1/2 acres, 113 acres which was conveyed to me by H. Boulware, Sheriff, Sept 6, 1847 & the balance by John Rinehart Nov 8, 1850, situated in Edgefield Dist on Cloud's Creek ajoining lands of Jesse Derrick, the heirs of Uriah Inabnit, the heirs of George Vansant & others, being the only land I own in Edgefield Dist at this time. to Ephriam Corley for in trust for the said William Corley to occupy the said tract and after the death of said William Corley to his children.... 5 Feb 1857. Wit: R. Harmon, L. Boozer. Signed Barbara Corley. [Daly's Creek and Cloud Creek are tributaries' of Little Saluda River of Saluda River and they run parallel to each other]gch. Coweta County GA Federal Census 1850 Page 298 Page 298 William Taylor 49 M SC Rebecca Taylor 50 F SC Mary Ann Taylor 26 F SC Joel P. Taylor 23 M GA Phys'ician Jane Taylor 19 F GA James Taylor 16 M SC Robert Taylor 13 M SC Rebecca Taylor 10 F SC William Taylor 7 M GA William Plont 22 M GA Page 298 Nancy Culpepper 52 F SC Sarah A. Culpapper 23 F GA James B. Culpepper 21 M GA Elijah H. Culpepper 16 M GA Page 296 William W. Sibley 28 M SC Louiza.C. Sibley 28 F SC James B. Sibley 7 M SC William P. Sibley 2 M SC Nancy L. Sibley 57 F VA The MEMOIRS OF GEORGIA were published in 1895 in two Volumes. William Taylor and two of his sons have their memoirs in "them. However, taking into account the many years gone by tradition and fact should be given their allowance. The death of Rebecca Corley Taylor in 1863 in Coweta Co. GA seems creditable along with the marriage year of 1819 to William Taylor. References: Memoirs of Georgia: Vol I, page 556, Dr. J P Taylor & William Taylor Vol II, page 522, Dr. J. W. Taylor