Corley, Abner s21707 South Carolina Roster 201 b. 1758, Bute County (Franklin County), N. C. d. 25 July 1844 While residing on the Saluda River In Ninety Six District, he enlisted on 1 January 1779 under Capt. Solomon Pope and was at the siege of Augusta. On 1 May 1781, he enlisted under Capt. Moore and Col. Pickens and was at the siege of Ninety Six. Next, he was under Capt. Sterling Turner and Col. Pickens. Thereafter, he was under Capt. Michael Watson and was in an engagement at Rocky Swamp, where Watson was killed. His next service was in Capt. William Butler's company of rangers and he was in several engagements with Tories and Indians. A.A.1154A; A.A.1487; U23i. {Abner is David Corley's 6X Great-Grandather} Corley, John He first served as a private under Capt. James Butler. His served ninety days as a sergeant in Capt. Michael Watson's Company of Volunteers on horseback. After Watson's death, Capt. William Butler became the company commander and he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. He was in the battle at Augusta, Ninety Six and Eutaw Springs. C.S.; Johnson; N.A. 246; A.A.1490; U228. Corley, Joseph He served under Capt. William Butler and Lt. John Corley, his brother, in the skirmish at Dean's Swamp. Chapman, p.38. Corley, Nathaniel He served in Capt. Sterling Turner's militia company and was killed by 'Bloody Hill' Cunningham at Lexington. A.A.1492; LJ234; C.S.; Simms, p. 1846. Corley, Peter He enlisted in the First Regiment on 4 November 1775. N.A.853. Corley, Richard He served in the militia after the fall of Charleston. A.A.t493; U230; CS Corley, Sherard (Sherwood) He served one hundred eighty-three days in Capts. Michael Watson's and William Butler's Company of Volunteers on horseback from 15 December 1781 to June 1782. (Corley, Ahner, S21707); Chapman, p. 41; N.A.246; A.A.1 155; C.S.; U232. Corley, Zaceous S16736 Sometime during May 1780, he volunteered under Capt. John Mitchel and Col. Hammond. Next, he joined the service under Capt. Solomon Pope, who was captured by Tories. Sterling Turner became the captain and was later killed. In June 1782, he entered the service under Capt. William Butler. A.A.1494; U235; C.S.


Captain Butler's company of volunteers according to pay from Sept. 1, 1781, to March 1, 1782 including 182 days. (D.A.R Mag., Jan. 1945) Sterling Turner Capt. 70 day William Butler Lt. 70 d. William Sisson 2nd Lt. 70 d. John Corley Lt. Fredrick Sisson Qm. 70 d. Thomas Butler James Allen Russell Wilson Dunn Fort Nathaniel Corley 70 d. Samuel De Loach Lewia Clark John Berry James Edson Joel Paggett Josiah Pagget Josiah Warren John Wilson James Troop Zakiriah Watson Richman Watson William Watson Samuel Williams Abner Corley 70 d. Amos Richardson 70 d. Zacharias Corley 70 d. Robert Davis 70 d. Peter Foy 70 d. George Mason 70 d. Benjamin Bledsoe 70 d. Joseph Nunn 70 d. Handley Webb 70 d. Daniel Jones 38 d. Hezechiah Watson 38 d. ? Cato 70 d. ? Harrison 60 d. ? Harrison 60 d. ? Humphreys 30 d. Burrows Whittle 60 d. Sherwood Corley 20 d. John Smith 38 d. Thomas Davis 30 d. James Butler, Sr. 70 d. James Butler, Jr. 70 d. Burdet Eskridge 70 d. Zachariah Davis 70 d. Smallwood Smith 70 d. Gideon Nicholson 70 d. John Douglas 70 d. Bartlett Bledsoe 70 d. Matthew Jones 70 d.

Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files

CORLEY, ABNER, S21707, SC Line, sol was b 1758 in Bute Cty NC & lived on the Saluda River in 96 Dist SC at eni, appl 10 Apr 1833 Edgefield Dist SC & sol d 25 Jul 1844 in Greenville Dist SC, Children were mentioned by only the following were named; Sherwood Corley, Frances Rodgers & Sarah Devore of Sarah Ann Devore CORLEY AUSTIN, S3198, VA Line, sol was b 28 Apr 1757 in Hanover Cty VA & lived there at enl & in 1811 sol moved from there to Wilson Cty TN & appl there 25 Sep 1832, sol d 26 Jul 1841, in 1832 one William Corley made aff'dt in Wilson Cty TN but no relationship was stated. CORLEY GEORGE, S9199, MD Line, appl 11 Aug 1835 Washington Cty MD aged 88 a res of Franklin Cty PA, sol was b 1747 in Germany & was living in Washington Cty MD at eni & moved to Franklin Cty PA in 1815 but had lived many yrs in Washington Cty MD after the war. CORLEY WILLIAM, S2422, VA Line, sol was b 2 Mar 1752, sol lived in Hanover Cty VA at enl & in 1780 sol moved to Spotsylvania Cty VA & also enl there & in 1782 moved to Louisa Cty VA then moved to Wilson Cty TN where he arrived on 8 Jan 1812 & sol appl there 31 Oct 1832, in 1832 501's bro Austin or Augtin Corley a res of Wilson Cty TN stated he srv with his bro William during his 1st tour. CORLEY ZACHEUS, 516736, SC Line, sol was b 1762 in Chatham Cty NC, sol lived in Edgefield Dist SC at enl & lived there until 1818 & moved to Bibb Cty (now in AL), sol appl 3 Dec yr not given in Bibb Cty AL and Age 70 (he appi under the act of 7 Jun 1832)

ZACHEUS CORLEY (1762-1843)

CORLEY, ZACCHEUS, aged 72, and a resident of Bibb county; private S. Carolina Militia; enrolled on March 8, 1834, under act of Congress of June 7, 1832, payment to date from March 4, 1831; annual allowance, $40; sums received to date of publication of list, $10O.-Revolutionary Pension Roll, in Part 3, Vol. xiii, Sen. Doc. 514, 23rd Cong., 1st sess., 1833-34. He resided in Bibb county,June 1, 1840, aged 77.- Census of Pensioners, 1841, p. 149. CORLEY, ZACHEUS (b. 1762 Chatham Co. N.C. /d. 1-30-1843 BIbb Co. AL.) BURIED: Place unknown SERVICE: Pvt. S.C. Militia. Enlisted under Capt. John Mitchell May, 1780. Served under Col. Hammond and Maj. Purvis. Joined Gen. Greene at Cambridge, S.C. Served two weeks and then joined Light Horse under Capt. Solomon Pope. Veteran was taken prisoner and had small pox. Reenlisted for several more tours of duty. PENSION: Allowed pension on application executed Dec. 3, 1832 under Act of Congress of June 7, 1832, resident of Bibb Co. AL (Pension 5 16 736). Resided in Fayette Co. AL June 1,1840, aged 80. NOTE: Theophilus Goodwin testified for veteran in application. Also Thomas Davis testified that he saw veteran once in service thus establishing that Davis was a soldier. John Smelly also testified. RESIDENCES: Resided in Edgefield Dist. SC at time of enlistment. Moved to Bibb Co. AL in 1818. FAMILY: m. ELIZABETH REF: Gandrud AL Records Vol. 31 (Bibb Co.) pgs. 84-85; AL Archives & Hist. 1911 List of Rev. Soldiers p~24; Patriot Index; Owen's Hist. & Dict. of AL Biographies Vol. III, p.403.


In an unusual petition, friends and neighbors of this Revolutionary War Soldier petitioned the Legislature of South Carolina to grant a pension to Corley. The original document is in the hands of the Carolina Archives, and has been abstracted and contributed by Mrs. Jo Hendrix, 3 Acorn Court, Greenville, S.C. who is researching the Corley family. PETITION FOR REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION FOR LT. JOHN CORLEY TO THE HONORABLE THE MEMBERS OF THE SENATE ~ HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF SOUTH CAROLINA -- The petition of the undersigned inhabitants of the District of Edgefield Respectfully sheweth that JOHN CORLEY has resided in this District since the Revolution and has from that period to the present period sustained the Character of an honest sober and industrious citizen -- that by his personal labor he has supported himself and his family and continued to enjoy abundance of the comforts of life while his health and age enabled him to labor. Old age and its attendant infirmities have at length over taken him and deprived him of the physical ability of longer supporting himself by labor. Your petitioners have heretofore forborn to present his case to your Honorable body from a belief that he was unwilling to ask aid of his Country while he was able to provide the necessaries of life, but the time has arrived when longer silence would be reproachful to them and cruel to him. At an Early period of the revolution he joined the Standard of his Country and attached himself to Company then Commanded by CAPT. JAMES BUTLER and served under him at Augusta, Cambridge, and lastly at H--- for after the Battle at the Eutaw Spring he reached the Commission of Lieutenant under the late GENL. WILLIAM BUTLER, and continued to render important services to the State in active and zealous pursuit of the Tories in their progress of Rapine and massacre thro the Districts of Edgefield, Laurence [Laurens], and Newberry. Many of your petitioners living witnesses of the daring intrepidity Displayed by him and his companions in their pursuit of the prescribing and violent WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM [Bloody Bill Cunningham!] about the close of the Revolution and these venture to appraise that no individual could have rendered more important service in humble -- in which it was his fortune to aid. He is now between 80 and 90 years of age and can no longer call to the support the activity and enterprise which he devoted to his Country in his probation trial and suffering. In the Revolution of time Country and himself have changed conditions. He is now again infirm and poor while the State is young high and prosperous--with this State[ment] of facts before them your petitioners are desirous of performing an act of common gratitude to an honorable humble benefactor of their Country by bringing his former services and present privations to the vewe [view]of your honorable body this --- easing belief that you will cheerfully make provision to supply his wants and relieve his needs for the short remnant of time that may be spared to him. We these therefore respectfully petition your honorable body to grant him a liberal pension for life and will ever pray..[signatures] Zach. S. Brooks Thos.Spraggins Luke Havird Thomas McCarty B.M.Blocker James Gregg Bennett Perry F. Butler A.P.Butler John Gentry Simon Deen Leontine Butler James Mauhan[?] John Riley, Sr. Reuben Blalock Jno.B.Mitchell B.F.Whitmi--- Wm. Barnes [?] Borroum Chesley Canat Hendley Webb a brother of the revolution Manning Towles Joseph Joy[?] Dani. Bird John Blocker James C. Spragins Hugh Duffy Lewis Grant James B. Griffith Martin Walker James C. Spraggins John Leopard Charles Abney Joseph Griffith John Griffith Gideon Christean Jacob Abney Jas. Riley Crafford Perry John Havird Wm. T. Abney William Arnold[?] C. Delervigne[?] Dudley Rountree H. Bowleware Dudley Brook C. Bussey C. F.Randolph W. ? Nesson Wm. Blackburn Abner Blocker W. K. Goodwin Wm. Ferguson John Abney, Senr. Wm. A.Mays Richard Hazel[?] Hazel Culbreath William Culbreath Absalom G. Abney[?] Allen M. OHara Samuel Christian Elijah Steward Giles Martin James Ogilevie Elijah Sanderfer John W. Bulluck Josiah Etheridge ---Mills James Chadwick Christian Breithaupt Dennis McCarty Berry Frazier Edmund Martin Chs. Mayson James Barnes J.Richardson Wm. Abney James Blocker [four names unreadable] Simpson Wilson John Lofton R.M.Williams P. Bland M. McHan Thomas W. Morton John Kirksey John Marsh Toliver Towles Thomas Scurry John Culbreath, Senr. Oliver Towles Whit. Brooks Thos. [perhaps Christian] William Christian John Chapman The Committee on Pensions to whom was referred the petition of sundry inhabitants of Edgefield praying that a pension may be granted to John Corley, respectfully report, That they have taken the same into consideration, and recommend to this house that the prayer of the petitioners be granted, and that the said John Corley be placed on the pension list at the rate of sixty dollars per annum. December 1826. /s/ JOHN McCOMB, C. of Comm. EDITOR'S NOTE: Why did the citizens of Edgefield turn to their state to pension Corley? Because the current federal pension statute would not provide the funds needed in his support. Burden of supporting all Revolutionary Veterans who cared to apply was shouldered by the federal government by the Pension Act of 1832. We must presume that Corley had died or moved away, for the list of Revolutionary veterans enrolled on the pension list in Edgefield Dis. under the 1832 Act included ABNER CORLEY, a private in the infantry and cavalry, who served in South Carolina and was placed on the list 12-14-1833, then aged 76; no John Corley was included.



Abstracted by Mrs. Ge Lee Corley Hendrix, 3 Acorn Court, Greenville, SC 29609 from EQUITY PACKET 23, Probate Judge's Office, Edgefield, SC. Equity Commissioners were WILLIAM ETHRIDGE, CHARLES DUNKIN, GRIFFIN RUTHERFORD, GEORGE D. HUEIT, P. DAVID DENNY, Esq. Filed 16 Nov. 1841. BENJAMIN CORLEY died prior to 16 November 1841, leaving a widow SALLY CORLEY, and the following children: Wesley Corley Harriet Corley married CHARLES O'NEALL Rebecca Corley married MATHEW SMITH Henry D. B. Corley John Corley Elizabeth Corley Benjamin F. Corley Simpson Corley The following property was part of Benjamin Corley's estate: Homeplace: 200 acres on Cloud Creek and Beaverdam Creek, adjoining lands of ARTHUR WEST, WILLIAM ETHRIDGE, CHARLES DUNKIN, & LETHA ETHRIDGE. The Gilford Place: 120 acres adjoining lands of WILLIAM KINARD and WILLIAM ETHRIDGE. The Stone Place: 600 acres on Clapboard Branch and Lee's Slash, adjoining Lands of the estate of SAMUEL MOORE, URIAH INABNIT, WILLIAM STONE, THOMAS HARRIS, and MATHIAS SHEELY. The Big Creek Place: 200 acres on Big Creek, adjoining lands of MATHEW SMITH, HENRY D. B. CORLEY, GEORGE D. HUEIT, and CHARLES O'NEALL all in Edgefield District.

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Name, -- Company -- Corley Curtis, 2, Thomas', Pvt Orig. filed under Corly, Curtis Corley Isham T., 4, Jones', Drummer Corley Jeremiah, 4, Jones', Pvt Corley Robert, 1, Harris', Pvt Corley Seth, 2, Jenkins', GA Vols. and Mil., Pvt Corley Seth, 4, Jones', Fifer Corley Valentine, 2, Thomas', Pvt Orig. filed under Corly, Valentine


CORLEY, Edward, SO-25438, srv Capt E. Fergerson's Co SC Mil Henry, Margaret (Dull) WC-22793, m 21 Dec 1826 Bedford Cty PA, sd 25 Mar 1864, srv Capt. Gordon's PA Mil, lived Bedford Cty PA Isham T., Tabitha (Whittington) 2nd wife, WC-32057, SC-16569, m 8 Jul 1824 Copiah Cty MS, sd 16 Jan 1877 Grant Cty LA, wd 1 Jul 1895, srv James Safford's GA Mil, lived Scott Cty MS & Grant Cty LA, 1st wife was Rebecca (Leonard) James, Elizabeth, no pension claim, srv Falkner's, Mien's & Wison's Co's VA Mil, BLW #s 61330-40-50, 95331-40-50 & 1209-80-55 James, SC-13790, Polly (Asberry) srv William Green's VA Mil, lived Monroe & Bedford Cty VA Seth, SC-7452, Temperance (Watkins) m 16 Jul 1815 Jones Cty Ga, srv William Butler's & James Sanford's Co's GA Mil, lived Copiah Cty MS 1851-71. Thomas, SC-13864, Christine (Wince) m 16 Nov 1835, srv Charles Shackeford's VA Mil, lived Rappahannock Cty VA Tubal C. or Tubal Colley or Tubil Corley, Martha F. (1st h Bryant) 2nd wife, WC-33982, SC-20433, m Nov 1858 Newton Cty subsequently Rockdale Cty GA, sd 5 Jun 1884, wd about 1894, srv R.P. Johnson's & Montgomery's Co's 7th & 8th US Inf, lived Newton, DeKaib & Rockdale Ctys GA, 1st wife Nancy, no maiden name shown on card


Corley, GA 2nd Bn. St. Troops Co.A Capt. Corley, A.B. AL 17th In'. Co.C 1st Sgt. Corley, Abner L. AL 32nd Inf. Co.A Corley, Abner P. GA 51st ml. Co.E Cpl. Corley, Adam D. SC 14th lnf. Co.B Corley, Aditin MS St. Cay. Perrin's Bn. Co.C Corley, Adkin 'IX 12th Inf. Co.B Corley, A.H. MS 8th ml. Co.B Cpl. Corley, A.J. LA 31st Inf. Co.F Corley, A.J. TX Cay. Wailer's Regt. Co.B Corley, A.L. VA 1~h Cav. Co.F,H Corley, Aifred B. TX 28th Cav. Co.K Corley, A.P. 'IX 23rd Cay. AQM Corley, A.P. 'IX St.Troops Gould's Co. (Clarksville U.lnf.) 2nd Lt. Corley, A.P. Gen. & Staff Capt.,AQM Corley, Arthur M. MS Inf. 3rd Bn. Co.B Corley, Arthur W. AL 11th ltnf. Co.A Corley, Aticus 'IX lnf. 2nd St. Troops Co.C Corley, Austin V. GA 41st Inf. Co.F Cpl. Corley, B. 1st Conf.Eng.Troops Co.B Cpl. Corley, Baley SC 14th Inf. Co.D Corley, Bartlett Th 23rd lof. Co.G Corley, Berryman II. AL 10th Inf. Co.F Corley, Beverly VA 58th lnf. Co.B Corley, B.F. 7th Conf. Csv. Co.D Corley, B.J. LA 6th lnf. Co.A Corley, B.N. AL 3rd Res. Co.A Corley, B.R. LA 31st lnf. Co.F Corley, C. LA 15th Inf. Co.G Corley, Caniel VA 58th Inf. Co.B Sgt. Corley, Callet SC 1st St.Troops Co.D Corley, Catlin SC 5th Res. Co.F Corley, C.D. MS I'll. 2nd St.Troops Co.D Corley, C.F. AR Inf. Cocke's Regt. Co.K Corley, Charles L. AL 44th lof. Co.F Corley, Clement SC lof. Hampton Legion Co.B Corley, Con TN 15th (Cons.) Cav. Co.A Corley, C.P. IX 12th Inf. Co.B Corley, C.S. SC 14th Inf. Co.D Corley, D. SC 1st Butler's) Inf. Co.D Corley, Daniel AL 11th lof. Co.F Cpl. Corley, Daniel B. TN 7th lof. Co.B Corley, Daniel J. SC 13th Inf. Co.K Corley, Davenport GA 13th Cav. Co.F Corley, David A. 'IX 22nd Cay. Co.A Corley, David M. AL 11th Inf. Co.F Corley, David M. AL 44th lhf. Co.F Sgt. Corley, David P. SC 5th Cav. Co.F Corley, David P. SC Cav. 14th Bn. Co.C Corley, D.C. AR lof Cocke's Regt. Co.K Corley, D.P. NC 37th Inf. Co.F Corley, D.R.L. AL 36th lnf. Co.F COrley, Dudley R. MS Cay. Duncan's Co. (fishomingo Rangers) 3rd Lt. Corley, Edmund W. MS 16th lnf. Co.C 1st Lt. Corley, Ed. W. MS 3rd (St.Troops) Cav. Co.E Sgt. Corley, Edward W. SC 1st (1'1CCreary's) luf. Co.G Corley, Edwin T. SC 5th Cav. Co.F Corley, Edwin T. SC Cav. 14th Bn. Co.C Corley, E.H. AL 44th Inf. Co.F Corley, Emanuel L. SC 2Oth lnf. Co.K Curley, Felix A. SC 2Oth lof. Co.K Corley, F. H. SC 14th Inf. Co.D Corley, F.P. MS 37th Inf. Co.E Corley, Francis M. AL 46th lnf. Co.A Sgt. Corley, Francis M. VA 58th Inf. Co.B Corley, Gabriel R.W. TX 28th Cay. Co.K Corley, George GA Inf. ~ichmond Factory Guards) Barney's Co. Corley, George M. GA 4th Inf. Co.E Corley, George M. SC 5th Cay. Co.F Corley, George M. SC Cay. 14th Do. Co.C Corley, George W.' GA 391h lof. Co.D Corley, G.L. SC 20th Inf. Co.K Corley, G.M. SC 1st Inf. Co.O Corley, Godfrey F. SC 5th Cav. Co.F Corley, Godfrey F. SC Cay. 14th Bo. Co.C Corley, Grun B. GA lnf. ~ichmond Factory Guards) Barney's Co. Corley, G.W. GA Hvy.Arty. 22nd Do. Co.A Corley, G.W. GA 6Oth Inf. 1st Co.A Corley, Harvey L. AL 44th Inf. Co.F Corley, H.B. AL 39th Inf. Co.A Corley, H.B. AL 57th Inf. Co.A Cpl. Corley, H.C. AL 18th Inf. Co.D Corley, H.D. AL Rca. Corley, Henry K. 'IX 12th Cay. Co.I Corley, Hezekiab F. SC lof. Hampton Legion Co.B Corley, H.H. SC 2nd Arty. Co.H Corley, Hiram P. GA 4th lof. Co.A Corley, H.N. SC 13th Inf. Co.K Corley, 11.5. GA 21st Inf. Co.F Corley, Isaac M. AR 33rd lnf. Co.I Corley, I'saiah SC 13th Inf. Co.K Corley, J. VA 11th Cay. Co.G Corley, J.A. AR 62nd Mu. Co.C Corley, J.A. AR Inf. Cocke's Regt. Co.K Corley, J.A. GA 4th (Clinch's) Cay. Corley, J.A. MS 14th (Cons.) lof. Co.B Corley, Jackson L. LA Inf.Cons,Crescent Regt. Co.D Corley, Jackson S. LA Inf. 11th Bn. Co.E Corley, Jacob SC 2nd Arty. Co.K Corley, Jacob A. SC 5th Cay. Co.F Corley, Jacob A. SC Cay. 14th Bo. Co.C Corley, Jacob C. SC 1st (McCresry's) lof. Co.G Corley, James MS 3rd (St.Troops) Cay. Co.E Corley, James TN Cav. 11th Bn. (Gordon's) Co.F Corley, James VA 28th Inf. Co.D Corley, James A. SC 7th lof. 1st Co.C, 2nd Co.C, Co.G 1st Sgt. Corley, James D. VA Lt.Arty. Hardwicke's Co. Corley, James F. AL 7th Inf. Co.A Corley, James F. SC Cay.Bn. Holcombe Legion Co.B Corley, James II. AR 1st (Dobbin's) Cay. Co.B Corley, James L. VA 60th Inf. Lt.Col. Corley, James L. Gen. & Staff,PACS Lt.Col. Corley, James M. 'IX 1st Inf. Co.I Corley, Jasper AL 3Oth Inf. Co.F Corley, Jasper N. AL 51st Part.Rangers) Co.B Corley, J.B. TN 15th (Stewart's) Cay. Co.B Corely, J.C. SC Lt.Arty. 3rd (Palmetto) Bo. Co.H,I Corley, J.C. SC 16th Inf. Co.H Corley, Jefferson P. SC Cay. 14th Bn. Co.C Corley, J.F. AL 3~h Inf. Co.A Corley, J.F. SC 7th Cay. Co,D Corley, J.F. SC 3rd Inf. Co.H Corley, J.H. AR 18th Inf. Co.G Corley, J.II. SC 7th Inf. 1st Co.E, 2nd Co.E, Co.C Corley, J.J. GA 13th Cay. Co.F Corley, J.J. GA Hvy.Arty. 22nd Bn. Co.A Corley, J.J. SC 2nd St.Troops Co.A Corley, J.L. SC 1st (Butler's) Inf. Co.C Capt Corley, J.M. AL 4th Rca. Co.F,C Corley, J.M. TX Inf. Currie's Co. Corley, J.N. SC 7th Inf. 1st Co.E, 2nd Co.1 Corley, J.N. SC 13th Inf. Co.C Corley, Joel SC lof. Hampton Legion Co.B Corley, John AL 3rd Bn.Res. Jackson'5 Co. Corley, John AL 21st Inf. Co.C Corley, John TN 10th Inf. Co.B,11 1st Sgt. Corley, Joim A. AL Lt.Arty. Phelan's Co. Corley, John A. SC 2nd Arty. Co.K Corley, John A. TX 23rd Cay. Lt.Col. Corley, John A. TX St.Troops Gould's Co. (Clarkaville Lt.Inf.) 1st Lt. Corley, John A. VA 15th Cay. Co.B Corley, John Adkin SC 1~h Inf. Co.D Corley, John B. TN 8th Inf. Co.A 2nd Lt. Corley, John C. MS 2Oth Inf. Co.G Corley, John II. GA 2nd Inf. Co.B Corley, John 11. GA 46th Inf. Co.I Corley, John J. 'IX 9th Field Btty. Corley, John L. SC 13th Inf. Co.K Corley, John M. AL 12th Inf. Co.B Sgt. Corley, John M. AL Cp. of Instr. Talladega Co.A Corley, John M. SC 13th Inf. Co.K Corley, John M. SC 14th Inf. Co,B Sgt. Corley, John W. AR 1st Mtd.Rifles Co.D Corley, John W. 'IX 15th Cay. Co.I Corley, Jones B. TN 45th Inf. Co.B Corley, Joseph LA 6th Inf. Co.A Corley, Joseph C. GA 31st lnf. Co.D Corley, Joseph D. SC Inf. 7th Do. (Infeild Ritlea) Co.C Sgt. Corley, Joseph E. SC 13th Inf. Co.K Sgt. Corley, Josiah SC 2nd St.Troopa Co.K Corley, J.P. SC 5th Cay. Co.F Corley, J.R. AL 20th Inf. Co.D Corley, J.R. GA lof. (Express Inf.) Witt' C( Corley, J.S. GA 1st Inf. (St.Guards) Co.B Corley, J.S. SC 5th Cay. Co.F Corley, J.T. GA 13th Cay. Co.B Corley, J.T. SC 2nd Arty. Co.H Corley, Judson A. SC 15th lof. Co.K Corley, Julius A. GA Inf. 3rd Do. Co.D Corley, Julius A. GA 4th Bn.S.S. Co.B Corley, J.W. GA 1st Cay. Co.G Cpl. Corley, J.W. MS 3rd lnf. (St. Troops) Co.C Corley, J.W. SC 1st (Butler's) lof. Co.B Corley, L. SC 2nd Cay. Co.B Corley, Lemuel SC 1st St.Troops Co.D Corley, Levi S. AL 42nd Inf. Co.C Corley, Levi W. SC 20th Inf. Co.K Corley, L.F. AR 62nd Mu. Co.C Corley, L.I1. AR 62nd Mu. Co.C Corley, L.W. SC 2nd Inf. Co.K Corley, Marion MS 2nd Inf. (A. of 10,000)Co.H Corley, Marion MS 42nd Inf. Co.A Corley, Micab AL 46th Inf. Corley, Miles I. MS 3rd Inf. Co.D Corley, M.M. MS 46th Inf. Co.G Corley, M.V.B. AL 14th Inf. Co.K Corley, Nathan TN 8th Inf. Co.A Corley, Nathan TN 24th Inf. Co.F Corley, Nathaniel SC 19'h Inf. Co.D Corley, Nathaniel C. 'IX 6th Cay. Co.H Corley, Nathan V. LA 31st Inf. Co.C Corley, N.C. TN 47th Inf. Co.K Corley, N.C.H. LA 31st Inf. Co.F Corley, Newton F. SC 1st (McCresry's) lof. Co.B Corley, N.F. SC 7th Inf. 1st Co.E Corley, Noah SC 1st St.Troops Co.D Corley, Noah SC 5th Res. Co.E Corley, Noah F. SC Cav. 14th Bn. Co.C Corley, N.W. SC 22nd Inf. Co.I Sgt. Corley, 0. MS 1st (King's) Ini. (St.Troops) Co.I Corley, P. TX 5th Ini. Co.H Music. Corley, P.11. TX Cav. McCord's Frontier Regt.Co.I Corley, P.J. AL 58th Inf. Co.I Corley, P.J. GA Cav. 2~h Bn. Co.C Corley, Poleman GA 6lth Ini. Co.C Corley, Furteman AL 24th Ini. Co.F,B Corley, R.C. SC 1st Mtd.Mil. Smart's Co. Corley, R.C. SC 3rd Cav. Co.F,K Corley, Richard TN Cav. Allison's Squad. Co.A Corley, Richard C. AL 12th In!. Co.B 1st Sgt. Corley, R.J. 15th (Cons.) Cay. Co.A Corley, Robert TX 2nd Int. Co.D Corley, Robert B. AL 46th In!. Co.G Corley, Robert J. FL 1st Inf. Old Co.E Corley, Robert J. FL 6th Int. Co.E Ord.Sgt. Corley, Robert J. GA 38th In!. Co.A Corley, Robert M. GA 4th Bn.S.S. Co.C Corley, Robert N. AR 18th In!. Co.G 1st Sgt. Corley, Robert W. AR 1st (Dobbin's) Cay. Co.B Corley, R.S. TN 12th In!. Co.D Corley, S. SC 2nd St.Troops Co.A Corley, S. SC 2nd St.Troops Co.I Corley, Sampson SC 2nd St.Troops Co.K Corley, Samuel AR 1st (Dobbina') Cay. Co.A Maj. Corley, Samuel AR 2nd In!. Chap. Corley, Samuel TX 7th Cay. Co.D Corley, Seth TN 9th (Ward's) Cay. Co.F,B 1st Sgt. Corley, Seth A. MS 61h In!. Co.F Corley, Seth M. TN 23rd In!. 2nd Co.A Corley, Simeon GA 48th Inf. Co.I Corley, Simeon SC 1st (McCreary'a) In!. Co.C Corley, Simeon SC 5th Rca. Co.C Corley, Sion SC 191h Inf. Co.D Corley, S.J. AL 4th Rca. Co.E Corley, S.J. SC Lt.Arty. 3rd (Palmetto) Bn. Co.H,1 Corley, S.J. SC 16th Inf. Co.H Corley, S.N. GA Cay. 29th Ho. Co.F Corley, S.N. SC 6th In!. Co.D Sgt. Corley, S.P. AR In!. Cocke's Regt. Co.K Corley, S.P. GA 1st Cay. Co.G Corley, S.T. GA In!. 'lull's Co. Corley, S. Wilson SC Inf. hampton Legion Co.B Cpl. Corley, T.C. SC 1st Inf. Co.O Corley, T.F. SC tat Mtd.Mil. Eyan's Co. Corley, T.F. SC 22nd Inf. Co.I Corley, Thomas SC 13th Inf. Co.K Corley, Thomas TX 12th Cay. Co.H,I Corley, Thompson MS 8th Inf. Co.E Corley, T.M. AL SOth In!. Co.K Corley, T.M. Th 38th In!. 1st Co.K Corley, T.W. AR 18th In!. Co.G Corley, T.W. SC 3rd Cay. Co.F,K Corley, T.W. SC 1st Mtd.Mil. 4th Cpl. Corley, W. SC 7th '[If. 2nd Co.E Corley, W.A. GA 1st Cay. Co.B Sgt. Corley, W.A. GA Hvy.Arty. 22nd Bn. Co.A Corley, W.A. MS 3rd In!. Co.D Corley, W.A. SC 2nd In!. Co.K Corley, Walter C. GA 5th In!. Co.F Corley, Walter C. GA 47th In!. Co.B 2nd Lt. Corley, W.B. GA Hvy.Arty. 22nd Bn. Co.A Corley,_W.B. GA_6Oth '[If. 1st Co.A __ Corley, W.B. TN 8th '[If. Co.I Corley, W.C. AR In!. Cocke's Regt. Co.K Corley, W.C. GA Lt.Arty. 12th Bn. 1st Co.A Corley, W.C. GA 63rd In!. Co.A Corley, W.E. TN 46th In!. Co.D Corley, Wesley AL 6Oth In!. Co.F Corley, Wesley SC 20th In!. Co.K Corley, West SC 2nd Arty. Co.K Corley, West SC IIvy.Arty. Matliewea' Co. Corley, W.F. AL 1st Bn.Cadets Co.A Corley, W.F. AL 20th In!. Co.D Corley, W.F. Gen. & Staff Surg. Corley, W.H. AL 46th In!. Co.G Corley, Wiley AL U. Arty. Phelan's Co. Corley, Wiley A. GA 1st (Fanm n's) Rca. Co.G Corley, Wiley B. AR 15th (N.W.) In!. Co.C 2ndLt. Corley, Wiley W. TX 5th In!. Co.B 3rd Lt. Corley, William AR 62nd Mil. Co.C Corley, William GA Hyy.Arty. 22nd Bn. Co.A Corley, William TN Cav. Allison's Squad. Co.A Black. Corley, William A. MS 11th (Pertin's) Cay Co.D Corley, William A. SC 5th Cay. Co.F Sgt. Corley, William A. SC Cay. 14th Ho. Co.C Sgt. Corley, William C. MS 2OthInf.Co.G Corley, William C. SC In!. Hampton Legion Co.B Corley, William F. TX I3thCay. CoB Surg. Corley, William G. GA 12th In!. Co.I Corley, William G. MS 11th (Perrin's) Cay Co.F. Corley, William II. AR 1st Mtd.Riflea Co.lt Corley, William H. SC 19th In!. Co.D Corley, William L. VA 28th In!. Co.D Corley, William L.J. VA In!. 91h Bn. Duffey's Co.C Corley, William L.J. VA 25th In!. 2nd Co.C 1st U. Corley, William M. VA 22nd In!. Co.E Corley, William T. GA 2nd '[If. Co.B Corley, William V. SC 1st (McCreary's) In!. Co.G Corley, William W. GA 4th In!. Co.Il Corley, Wilson AL Mtd.Res. Logan's Co. Corley, Wilson SC 14th In!. Co.D Corley, Wilson TX 4th In!. Co.C Corley, Wilson L. GA 34th In!. Co.L,F Corley, W.J. AL 31st In!. Co.E Corley, W.J. LA 13th Bn. (Part.Rangera) Co.B Corley, W.J.F. MS 8th '[I!. Co.E Corley, W.L. GA 1st ~amsey's) In!. C(~.F Corley, W.L. VA 17th Cay. Co.K Corley, W.S. SC 2nd St. Troops Co.B Corley, W.T. SC Lt.Arty. 3rd (Palinetto) tin. Co.A Corley, W.T. SC 1st (McCreary's) In!. Campbell's Co. Corley, W.W. GA 1st Cay. Co.G Corley, W.Y. AR In!. Cocke's_Regt. Co.K

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